"I have used Suzanne Myers for her Interior Design expertise for over 25 years.  Suzanne is the consummate professional in this business, her taste is impeccable, and her design is timeless.  With Suzanne, you can have complete confidence in an amazing result! "
Wayne H.
Danville, CA

"Suzanne and her staff specified the interior finishes on 12 custom homes that Bayview Builders was developing in the east bay.  We have 30 years in the business and have worked with several designers, colorists and interior decorators, so we are not an easy client to work with since we have been down this road before and have very specific opinions and requirements.

Suzanne and her staff were personable to say the least, creative flexible and un-flappable. We would recommend her to anyone who wants a job done right, the first time."

Brian Purcell
Bayview Builders, Inc.

"I have worked with Elite Interior design several times throughout the years and think they offer a wonderful service. Suzanne is a great listener and is always on top of the latest design trends. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has a great eye for color and concepts that I have not seen from other decorators. She is fun to work with and her projects always turn out beautiful. If you want someone to help with a new look for your home, Elite Interior Design is the right choice. Let Suzanne help create a new look for your home, you won't be unhappy. "
Bob R. So
Unique Painting, Pleasanton, CA

"We have called on Suzanne Myers time and time again for our interior decorating needs.  We are always absolutely thrilled with the results of her work.   Not only is Suzanne excellent with zeroing in on exactly what we are looking for in interiors, she has an extensive knowledge of lighting and construction that sets her apart from other designers.    I highly recommend Suzanne Myers/Elite Interior Design."
Devon G.
San Ramon, CA

"Suzanne is wonderful. She knew exactly what I was looking for. Her design experience and color combinations  are wonderful.  I always get compliments on my home because of Suzanne. She has a special eye for color and magic in her decorating.  Everything is comfortable and top of the line. I really enjoy working with her. I would definitely recommend Suzanne to anyone!"
Alana H.
Danville, CA

Suzanne is one of the top interior designers we have worked with.
Her work tends towards the classical look and has timeless look and feel.
She has a style all her own, but is great at listening to her clients and what their specific needs are. I strongly recommend Suzanne Myers.

Mike & Tana Powell
San Francisco

Suzanne is a top notch designer who leaves no detail unattended. She is talented, creative, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. She knows how to mesh her expertise with a client vision, always achieving fantastic results.
Nina Grove & Ken Johnson
San Francisco

'Suzanne has been a loyal client of Floor Designs for years, and has many fans among our staff. Working with her is not just a professional exchange, she makes it fun and enjoyable too. Over the years, she has placed our handmade designer rugs in some of the finest homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. We value her as a friend and as a client."
Jay Patrick Aaron,
CEO Floor Designs
San Francisco

Suzanne Myers has exquisite taste, but more importantly, has an amazing sense of what functionality works. Her design scope covers every aspect of a project from the overall vision to the minute details. Her professional contacts are exceptional. New construction design can be mind boggling, but Suzanne makes it appear seamless. She lives and breathes design so the client can trust her recommendations. It alleviates all the stress and is priceless.
Jacqueline & Charles DelMonte

"Suzanne is truly an artist in the way she approaches design. She has an outstanding sense of color and style, and is passionate about every aspect of each project. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is the consummate professional, with great patience in the most challenging of circumstances and extraordinary ideas and resources. Suzanne’s eye of detail is exceptional and she really is a logistical genius in meeting deadlines".
Leslie & Proctor Jones
San Francisco

"Suzanne Myers has the unique talent in high end home interior design with the knowledge and experience in construction (which is rare for a designer at any level).

The combination allows high end design from square one of a project to the finishing touches resulting in an elegant finish and a huge wow factor. She provides great attention to detail and the overall theme of a home interior and exterior. She has the ability to advise, design and consult or instruct the do it yourself homeowner. She follows up and comes over immediately during any critical stage of a project. She cares and has a deep passion for getting the design correct the first time. She is a must for someone who wants to do it right in any part of your home. Good luck if you do not hire Suzanne Myers, because you are going to need a lot of it.
Tom Gill
San Ramon